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BASS Nation

Road to the Bassmaster Classic

From a BASS Nation affiliated club, the road to the Classic is as follows:


  • There are 3 Virginia State qualifying team tournaments. As a member of a Region 7 club, you and your partner can compete in the Spring and/or Summer Virginia State qualifiers through your club or in the Fall Virginia State qualifier through Region 7.  If you and your partner finish in the top 20 boats of any one of the Virginia State qualifiers, you and your partner are eligible to compete in the Virginia State Championship.  This is a draw tournament with boaters competing against boaters and non-boaters competing against non-boaters.

  • The top 10 boaters and the top 10 non-boaters at the Virginia State Championship will make up the Virginia State team and move on to compete in the Eastern Regional.  There are 3 regions: Eastern, Central and Western.

  • If you finish as the top boater or top non-boater of Virginia, you will then move on to the BASS National Championship against the other winning state top boaters and non-boaters. 

  • See the program overview HERE.




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